Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is your turnaround time for reports?

A. Our standard turnaround time is 3 weeks.

Q. What is the report size?

A. Our standard report on average contains 40 pages and 50-100 relevant references that are manually crated by our experts

Q. Manual vs database?

A. We heavily rely on manual curation when it comes to target function and involvement in human and animal diseases. These sections later greatly contribute to writing Summary of toxicology and safety concerns.
We use several publicly available databases as well as our proprietary SysWiz database to extract biology of target family, cellular localization, mRNA and protein expression profiles, related proteins and intra- and inter- species variation

Q. How about customized TSAs?

A. We have our own format for TSAs, however, we are flexible and would adapt to a format that is best suited to our customers needs and that is something we already have experience with.


Q. What kind of data do you extract?

A. We extract various type of data including:

  • Chemistry data: qualitative and quantitative safety information
  • Pharmacology data: in vivo/in vitro parameters, safety information and ADME parameters
  • Biology/Pathology Networks and Pathways: compiling molecular interactions with links to the original literature sources
  • Expression data: gene/protein expression levels in response to different treatment/pathologies
  • Toxicogenomics data

Q. What is the background of your curators?

A. Our curators have PhDs or Masters of Science in Biochemistry, Molecular biology, Medicinal sciences, Toxicology, Pharmacology and several other disciplines. Importantly, all of them have a strong background in wet lab research, which helps them dealing with inconsistent or false information.

Q. What is a cost of a typical project?

A. The price will depend on the scope of the project, type of curation, meaning expertise needed for execution like do we need further training or so, complexity of the project, number of scientists involved, and so on. Please contact us for a quote.