Biomarker Discovery

Our Biomarker discovery component is one of the key resources in our patient stratification engine, which rapidly and accurately defines patient sub-groups from clinical data, a critical element in any genomics-based stratification study. It is available as database subscription or consulting service.

Our proprietary biomarker database Sabida (Safety Biomarkers Database) results from a comprehensive, manual curation of full-text articles describing gene expression signatures related to chemical-induced toxicities in human, rat, mouse and several non-mammalian species. It includes more than 5.000 unique genes and nearly 50.000 individual expression values gathered into around 2.000 toxicity gene signatures.

Perfectly suited for:
  • Clinical scientists (e.g. identification of new biomarkers for monitoring drug treatment)
  • Pharmaceutical industry (e.g. improving drug development process, identification and new disease biomarkers proposition)
  • Food/agrochemical industry (e.g. biomarkers candidates of early tox effects)
  • Chemical industry (e.g. exposure to environmentals)