Partnering Opportunities

Metisox is an innovative technology company providing solutions for patient stratification in personalized medicine, biomarker identification and genomics analysis. We provide solutions, databases and software for researchers and decision makers in the pharmaceutical, chemical, nutrition and agrochemical industry.

Our expert team consists of PhD scientists, with specialties in pharmacology, toxicology, molecular biology, bioinformatics and machine learning, who will work with you to provide comprehensive solutions to your needs.

We maintain cutting edge technical and scientific knowledge, and have a track record of delivering reliable products and services to our customers. We ensure high standards of quality by following strict ISO norms.

  • Database and software development combined with the systems biology and bioinformatics expertise.
  • Experience in drug discovery processes.
  • Expertize in studying of molecular interactions: protein-protein, protein-peptide, protein-chemical etc.
  • Experience in predictive protein interactions and complex modelling.
  • Experience in predictive toxicology (Focus on mechanistic predictive toxicology).
  • Experience in pathway modeling.
  • Experience in identifying orphan drug candidates.
  • Biomarker analysis and identification.