Early access to our Precision Insights 2022 software

Large amounts of data and information are regularly being generated but knowledge is not discovered. Metisox has developed it’s Precision Insights platform to help unleash the knowledge for your data:

  • Deliver insights and knowledge for your novel targets, pathways, receptors and many more.
  • Re-analyse historical targets and associated datasets.
  • Integrate your organisations bioinformatics pipeline to deliver multi-omics output from sample-to-insight.
  • Flexible data input sources; DNA or RNA NGS datasets, research and clinical study public databases, publications, AI data mining and manual curation.
  • Access to Metisox’s proprietary SysWiz database.

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“Working with Metisox has been a game-changer. Experiences with other vendors provided us with outputs lacking any insight about how the data relates to our pharmacological question. We would receive lists of GO terms and pathway names with confusing overlapping functions and no clear summary of the output.

Integrating Metisox’s Precision Insights has allowed us to re-analyse historical datasets as well us learn more about our novel targets to drive our drug discovery pipeline forward” – Vice President of Discovery Biology