RNA-Seq Data Analysis

Unleash the power of your RNA-Seq Data with Metisox’s Precision Insight AI Tools. Metisox is the leading provider of transcriptome bioinformatic data analysis. Let us look after your transcriptome raw data and provide you with detailed data analysis and expert data-interpretation with pharmacogenetic significance. Your data can be from different sequencing platforms, different samples and/or different sequencing depths. Our platform capabilities will maximise the mining of your data and provide you with data and interpretations you can trust.

The transcriptome is spatial, temporal and considerably more complicated than the genome, which is why artificial intelligence is required for understanding and interpreting the data generated from your RNA-Seq experiment(s). Metisox’s analysis and interpretation of your transcriptome data will help you to understand the function of unknown genes and reveal the mechanism of action of specific regulatory genes. In addition to this, quantitative analysis of transcripts elucidating the activity of specific genes can be used in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Whole Transcriptome Analysis

Coding & Non-Coding RNAs

Exosomal RNA Sequencing Analysis

Novel Biomarker Discovery

Transcription-wide Association

Gene Expression to Complex Trait Analysis

Eukaryotic/Prokaryotic transcriptome analysis

Simplifying Deep Sequencing Datas

Full-length transcriptome analysis

Accurately distinguish isoforms

Small/circular/long non-coding RNA analysis

Explore molecular mechanism

Access our Webinar on: Gene expression analysis in your toxicology studies

Are you considering gene expression analysis as part of your toxicology study? In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Key considerations for gene expression analysis in toxicology studies
  • How can gene expression analysis be used to define compound toxicity
  • What do the observed toxicological effects highlight and how reliable are they for making informed decisions?

Access our Webinar on: How to choose the right cell assays for your toxicology studies

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • How do you decide the best cell type?
  • How comparable is your cell type to your patient population and target tissue?
  • What are the observed toxicological effects and how reliable are they for making informed decisions?

Metisox RNA-Seq Report

Executive Summary
Data Pre-processing
Data Statistics & Quality Assessment
Differentially Expressed Gene Analysis
Transcript Expression Analysis
Cluster Analysis
SysWiz Pathway Analysis
Precision Insights Knowledge Base Summary

Precision Insights

State of the Art Artificial Intelligence Analysis Tools includes:

Pharmacogenetic insights

Prediction of novel transcripts

Unique expression linkage from proprietary clinical database(s)

Predicted therapeutic outcomes

Statistical analysis, annotation and curation of SNPs/Indels

Biostatistical analysis: multi-parameter data analysis, transcript length distribution, copy number analysis

Alternative splicing analysis

Executive summary and project recommendations based on therapeutic stage


Data & Cleanup
Remove low quality reads & adapters

Clean Data
Remove low quality reads & adapters

Map to Genome & Assembly
Map to reference genome & assemble transcripts

Differentially Expressed mRNAs

Expert Reports

Pharmacological Mechanisms & Analysis Summary

Detailed Biological Pathways Analysis

Therapeutic / Development Actions & Recommendations

Therapeutic Knowledge Base Readouts

Unleash the power of your RNA-Seq data and add Precision Insights to fully understand the biological mechanism of your pathway or target of interest. Metisox connects multiple large proprietary databases (containing >100k terms) and AI platforms across all of the major therapeutic areas to provide you with detailed biological Precision Insights.

Oncology & Immuno-oncology

Infectious Disease (i.e. COVID)






Non-Alcholic Steatohepatitis

Rare Disease & Orphan Drugs

Diabetes, Endocrine, Metabolic

Neuroscience & CNS

Respiratory, Lung & Pulmonary