Target Safety Assessment & Target Intelligence

Target Safety Assessment is essential for the success of your toxicology studies. Understanding your target early in drug development will ensure that you can de-risk your target, reduce the cost of your of toxicology studies and reduce the time spent in the preclinical stage.

At Metisox we can provide precision insights for your target(s) and you will receive a complete Target Profile. This includes target safety assessment, target intelligence, mechanistic driven drug discovery and identification of potential safety biomarker candidates. Our proprietary AI tools, machine learning and clinical data sources can search unexplored areas of biology to identify potential adverse effects, new targets for your pipeline as well as target repurposing options.

Metisox offers these as a complete package or as separate modules depending on your requirements and stage of your project.

Target Safety Assessment Sample Report
Target Safety Assessment
Target Safety Assessment Sample Brochure
Target Safety Assessment Brochure

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Target Safety Assessment Pipeline

Your TSA report will include the biology of target family, target function and involvement in human and animal diseases. The data  is sourced from multiple types of data sources including several publicly available databases combined together with our proprietary SysWiz database. Metisox’s SysWiz database is utilised to extract multiomics intelligence; including mRNA and protein expression profiles, related proteins and intra- and inter- species variation.

Metisox has delivered TSA reports for targets from over 75% of all druggable families and looking forward to completing the whole family set with your target(s).

Your Target
Therapeutic indication & biological activity

Over 10 proprietary data sources
Over 30 public data sources


In silico analysis

Biological network & pathway databases

Clinical trials & adverse effects databases

Literature text-mining
Manual & automated curation


Target analysis
Biological function & multiomics expression
Off-targets, isoforms & homologues
Genetic phenotype of animal and human
Pharmacological & ligand insights
Defined structural features

Cellular & tissue network analysis
Direct & indirect pathway effects of target modulation via protein-protein interactions and associated pathways


Toxicological Evaluation
Critical adverse effects observed in both preclinical studies and clinical trials


Target patient population

Toxicity profile & risk ranking
Adverse effects ranked based upon:
Observed frequency
Relevance for patient population

“Outsourcing our Target Safety Assessment Reports to Metisox, for the past 5 years, has helped speed up our toxicology investigations as well as provide insightful mitigation plans that we were unable to deduce from our internal resources”
– Study Director, Toxicology


Safety biomarker candidates

Risk Mitigation Plan

Target repurposing options

Target Safety Assessment Reports (TSA Reports)

Metisox combines multiple data sources to deliver concise knowledge driven target safety assessment reports providing an intelligent safety profile of your target. The key output is a Risk Mitigation Plan that provides insights on your target and options to mitigate toxicology risks moving forward. This will include extensive knowledge for making informed decisions on your targets, ranking targets, de-risking strategies and/or designing investigative studies.

We offer two types of TSAs:

  • Standard TSA Report (Turnaround 5 – 20 days)
    Provides insights rapidly for multiple targets following a screen
    Can provide detailed insights for your lead target
    Useful for very early preclinical studies when there is limited data available
    Actionable summary of safety concerns included in executive summary
  • Novel TSA Reports (Turnaround 15 – 25 days)
    Utilises Metisox’s Precision Insights SysWiz database for predicting toxicology for novel targets
    Deeper data mine compare to a Standard TSA

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SysWiz Database Subscription

Access to Metisox’s proprietary SysWiz database
Training sessions provided as standard
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Utilise cutting edge artificial intelligence tools
Bespoke database modules available upon request
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Precision Insights 2023 Software

Early Access to Metisox’s proprietary Precision Insights Software
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Multiomics data platform
Combine analysis of historical and new data sets
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